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Get paid to live the American dream this summer

Would you like to do something different this summer? How about jacking in that job in your local coffee shop and heading off to America?

Camp Leaders will be sending more than 6,000 young people to US summer camps this year - and you could be one of them.

Whatever your interests, skills or experience there’s a summer camp job out there for you. Camp jobs include everything from sports coaches and lifeguards to kitchen staff and windsurfers.

Summer camp is a major American tradition. Beginning 125 years ago, the US is now home to over 10,000 summer camps, each and every one unique. There are camps in every state in America and opportunities to work anywhere from the deep south to the far reaches of the Alaskan wilderness.

Christopher Coventry of Camp Leaders said: “With 10 million children going to summer camps each year, the need for staff to run the camps is huge.

“Camp directors like to hire international staff to bring culture and diversity to their camps whilst providing a broad skillset for their camps. It’s a fantastic opportunity for outgoing, enthusiastic and passionate young people to see the world, earn some money, brush up their CVs and have fun.

“A lot of our young people save up enough money during their placements to fund their travel afterwards.”

Prices start from just £389 including return flights to America and travel to camp, J1 Visa paperwork and assistance, pocket money, accommodation and meals at camp, 24 hour support service and up to 90 days comprehensive medical insurance.

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