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STA Travel

Our Vision…
When we fully experience the world and all the wonders it has to offer, we connect with who we are and discover who we can be.

Our Values…
Working Together
Customer Obsessed

STA History

In 1971 Australian students (Australian Union of Students) founded Student Travel AUS. In 1979 it was taking over from the Edward Keller Holding Ltd., which is now the Diethelm Keller Group.

The company trades under the name STA Travel with first offices in Australia and Britain. In the following years it added offices worldwide: 1981 in New Zealand and Singapore, in 1982 in U.S. and Malaysia, in 1985 in Thailand and Japan, in 1989 in Germany.

These are followed in the 90 years by Taiwan, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Austria, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

STA Travel's success rests on three pillars: a high profile in target markets, employees who provide peer-to-peer advice to customers and a product range that matches the price/performance expectations of its customers.

We are proud to have an unrivalled reputation across the globe and believe that travel changes lives for the better. STA Travellers are passionate about wanting to learn more about the world and about themselves.

Making a difference:

Our commitment to responsible travel includes a new selection of volunteer and voluntour projects administered by the registered non-for-profit organisation; Planeterra. These projects are designed to help communities around the world achieve sustainability.

We’re everywhere:

To date STA Travel operates in over 85 countries including its own offices in 11 countries with the rest are franchises or offices. The headquarter of STA Travel Group is in London. With a global distribution network, STA Travel is today the largest specialist in the student and youth sector. STA Travel has over 400 stores in 85 countries worldwide and 24/7 global travel help, so wherever you’re going we won’t be far away!

New brand:

Bridge The World, launched in 2010 and plays a significant part in the growth strategy of the UK Division, being the first time that STA Travel has operated a different brand, attracting a more experienced adventurous traveller.



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