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Take your job home with you

You've survived the bitter winds, done the European tour, drunk way too many £3 pints and cursed delays on the tube.Now you're thinking you might be ready to leave London and head back home — but you really don’t want the hassle of finding a new job. The good news is if you spend a bit of time finding the right job while you're in London, you just might be able to take it home with you.

Many companies — including big banks, financial institutions and insurance companies — that have offices in London, may also have offices back in Brisbane, Auckland or Durban. 

And if you've done your time in the London office, impressed your bosses and learned the ropes, you could well be a prime candidate for an internal transfer. 

Those in the know say big companies love internal transfers. It's their way of holding onto talent and it can actually save money for companies, which, by transferring you home, avoid the need to launch lengthy (and expensive) recruitment processes and subsequent training of new employees. 

What’s more, recruitment experts are unanimous in saying UK experience is of great value to companies — especially if you're taking it home.

London is a major global player in just about every employment sector, meaning the skills and experience gained in the capital are world class. 

Colin Trussel, general manager of construction and engineering recruitment firm Carmichael Recruitment, says UK experience allows Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans to get higher level jobs than those they had before they left. 

"There's a worldwide market for trained, competent people who've worked in the UK," Trussel says.

Adrian O'Connor, associate director of Robert Half International, says UK experience is becoming "valued more and more, and valued everywhere". 

"Most big firms are multinational operations, dealing with issues that are not country specific, so experiences of different economies and cultures are valued," O'Connor says. 

The other thing to remember is many big firms have their head offices in London and there's nothing London-based firms like better than sending out head office-trained staff to smaller regional offices. This ensures the company's culture and values are spread throughout its offices — even the ones on the other side of the world.

Transferring skills

When looking for your next London job get online and check out whether the company has offices in your home town or somewhere close to it. And it's not just multinational finance companies that transfer people home. These days law firms, engineering companies and IT consultancies are among the firms that have regional offices abroad. 

Another possibility is to look at companies based in your home town that have offices over here. These companies may also be willing to consider transferring you home to head office after a period of time working in London. 

While it's probably not advisable to ask about the possibility of transferring home at your initial job interview, there's certainly no harm in enquiring about the company policy once you've settled in, so long as you've passed your probationary period.




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